Green Solutions

Enviromental awareness is our focus!

Green Solutions

powerline environmental careFor Coast Powerline protecting the enviroment is a top priority on powerline and excavation projects. Due to the nature of powerline and excavation work, every one of our projects has an environmental component.

We have extensive experience with environmentally friendly projects. Our employees are environmentaly aware and have been trained to protect vegetation in its original state, for any situation.

Our community enjoys the natural environment of Vancouver Island and we strive to protect it.

Our qualifications include:

  environmentally friendly powerline projects  Working in and around water
  oil smart powerline projects  Oil Smart
  protect vegetation powerline projects  Transport oil equipment and hazardous waste
  heritage protection powerline projects  Heritage resource awareness 
  powerline pole removal powerline projects  Out of service wood pole removal and maintenance

For more information about our environmentally friendly solutions on all our project and how we can work with you contact us today.